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Precise Biometrics is a Leader in Mobile Device Security

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Fingerprint scanner

Precise Biometrics, an innovative company specializing in smart cards and fingerprint recognition has emerged as the leader in mobile device security. Precise Biometrics works with both government and private companies to provide biometric authentication, secure sign on, secure mobile security, smartphone security and other forms of mobile device security.

In an interview with, Chief Technology Officer, Michael Harris explains how Precise Biometrics works with the government to provide security for their mobile devices. “The Department of State is only one of several top tier government agencies using our desktop solutions for logical access along with the HSPD 12 and PIV mandates. Organizations like NASA, FAA, and others use our desktop readers for PIV enrollment or verification.” Harris continues by explaining that his company has helped develop a national ID card for the government.

Urgent Communications published an article in October on Precise Biometrics’s partnership with Thursby Software to develop and implement government security systems for iPhones and iPads. The article mentions that, “Currently, the offering is targeted toward federal entities that are mandated to meet security requirements, but the solutions also are expected to be attractive to financial, healthcare and public safety enterprises, according to Etienne Veber, COO and executive vice president of Precise Biometrics.”

When it comes to mobile device security, Precise Biometrics is showing itself as a cutting edge innovator. In June the company’s Tactivo product was featured on Urgent Communications for providing a fingerprint scanner for iPhones. Harris said, “Our devices bridge the gap between desktop and mobile enterprise security, fully allowing for bring your own device and unified communications capabilities.” It is an innovation that provides top security in a globally connected working environment.

When it comes to mobile device security, Precise Biometrics provides government and private companies with smartphone security that is easy to use and reliable.

iPhone Security Helps Businesses Operate With Mobile Technology

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Mobile device security

Companies that want to improve their iPhone management through the use of mobile device management tools such as patch management software need to choose carefully so that they can find high quality programs to implement. iPhone security software comes in several varieties, and with businesses that implement a BYOD model facing great security challenges, mobile device management is more important than ever. Seek out the type of iPhone management that will work properly for your business requirements.

According to researchers, over 1 billion smartphones are expected to enter the market in the next five years. Businesses that use mobile device management for their smartphones will reduce both their management costs and their risk of a security breach by having better control of these devices. Choose iPhone security tools that give you the type of control that you need over your devices.

For example, you can use a Desktop Management Interface, an industry framework to manage software and hardware in Byod companies, to help control the security of your devices. With one out of five consumers that buy iPads stating that they will use them for business, keeping these devices protected is crucial for a business that wants to operate safely. Whether you need iPhone security, patch management software tools, or iPad protection, you need to invest in a software that will allow you to keep your company running smoothly without having to run the risk of any software breaches due to improper security causing problems that harm your organization.