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Don’t Worry Parents, Daycare Centers are There For You

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Daycares are possibly one of the most important businesses in America. Every day, many parents drop their children off at a center as early as 7 a.m. before they head to work, and typically pick them up after 5 p.m. Without this service, a number of parents would struggle finding someone to care for their children during the day. Not everyone has a relative nearby to help with child care, resulting in about 11 million children enrolled in a childcare program in the U.S. Additionally, over half of all children under 6 attend some type of day care. With these numbers, it is no surprise that the daycare industry in this country grows by 1.4 percent every year.

In any given town, there are at least a dozen private and chain centers that offer services from early morning until the evening. Finding a quality