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Be Prepared for a Hurricane It Could Hit at Any Time

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Preparing for hurricane

Hurricanes have been one of the most devastating storms in the world’s history. Dating back to Christopher Columbus’s report of the first known hurricane in 1495, these storms have torn down cities and towns wherever they have crossed. These tropical cyclones are characterized by high winds, large thunderstorms and torrential rains. One hurricane can produce more than 2 trillion gallons of water, and the highest wind speed recorded was 200 miles per hour. Many people compare this water-born storm to land-born tornadoes, but hurricanes are actually about 2,000 times wider than tornadoes. Their devastation can also be extremely costly. Fifty percent of the most expensive hurricanes in the U.S. have happened since 1990, one being Hurricane Sandy, which hit last year, and Hurricane Katrina, which was the